Tuesday, September 30, 2008

shri sai ganesh:First blog first post

This is my very first blog. After much thought and after gathering all my strength and Senses, Im starting to write this very first post. I have always maintained a diary, which contains All the thoughts, proverbs and quotes and saying and like stuff, since I was in school. But I generally don’t prefer to jot down my day to day experiences and feelings. I like to jot down all good, witty and humorous sayings.

Such sayings are very inspirational. So, whenever im sad, depressed or otherwise also, I read them, And believe me or not they actually inspire me to go ahead and move on in life.

This blog is for anyone like me or unlike me. Its like an open space. It’s like “typing” down all my feelings, thoughts and Everything. this blog is also about my very very very sweet sister ”deepa”, my elder sis Divya di, mommy and papaji. And above all our (deepa & my) sadguru and our life “shri shirdi sai baba”.

This blog is like joint venture between my sis and me. My thoughts and feelings is like hers and vice versa. So, even though I may type down all the scrap, everything in this blog is on the behalf of both of us.

This being an open space blog, all criticism and constructive comment are Welcomed but hey! I care damn for scrap. So, plzzzzzzzzz, think and then comment!!