Friday, October 31, 2008

sai sar quote...(30-6nov)

sai sar quote of the week is "ek bar boloe hue vachan wapas nahi aate. ath souch kar bolo" , which means, words once uttered cant be retrieved,therefore think before u speak

Like time, spoken words too don't come back! from childhood only we are taught to speak kind and loving words, be polite and considerate while saying or talking someone. even then,most of us are generally unaware of this subtle fact, that how we say or talk.

If we just think once, only only once, just before uttering any words, we would feel, that what we are speaking, is really necessary, appropriate and useful. Then, it would strike us that, we can use better, kind words instead of using vocab, which might hurt listener's feelings.

Human, alone has the boon of speaking and the ability to express their feelings.
Using good and cool vacab, not only impresses the listeners but also make one feel good.

In Hindi, there is one quote which says, "Aisee Vani Boliye, Mun Ka Aapa Khoye
Apna Tan Sheetal Kare,Auran Ko Sukh Hoye
" which means, Speak such words, sans ego's ploy Body remains composed, giving the listener joy.

om sai

last to last sai sar quote of the week!...(23-30 oct)

Baba didnt post last to last SAI SAR quote of the week!
it goes "Sampanta mitr badathi hai aur vipdata unki parak karti hai"
It is one of my favorite Quote. its very true. and fits rightly in all ages or generations! friends play very vital role in ones life. there are very rare cases when one really gets the golden opportunity to have a true friends. As most of them turn out to be "fair weather friends!

But, as for us Sai Baba is our one and only BEST FRIEND! HE is with us day and night. HE is the best of all friends. HE would never leave anybody in the middle!
Baba thank you for being our friend, best friend. We are really blessed, lucky and fortunate to be in your company.

its really very nice, xciting and cool to be in your company!
BABA plz ever bless us like this!
we need your blessings every moment!
Baba we very so proud, happy and strong to be your friend!!!
Baba thank you so much for making us your Blessed friends!!!


THURSDAY gone...

yesterday was THURSDAY!
Baba how are you? Very happy (belated) Thursday to you! Sorry didn't wished you yesterday. Baba only with your krupa and grace are we able to celebrate your each THURSDAY nicely.

Baba only with your will and grace were we able to complete our PARAYAN successfully. baba thank you so much for such a wonderful Thursday! the day ended so nicely with the visit to the temple.

Happy Thursday BABA!
Happy THURSDAY Motiiii !!

Bless us Baba. Baba you are the kindest of all!
Thank you so much Sai Baba

Anant Kothi Bhramndnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Baba a very happy Thursday to YOU !
A very Happy THURSDAY to deepa (moti), Didi, mom and papa
and all SAI bhaktas!

bless us Baba, that we may able to serve you with full devotion and love. Its possible only with grace and krupa that we will be able to do so.
baba only with your grace, that Your pious Thursday went on smoothly and serving you,(though little).

Baba please bless us guide us and save us also


Shaddhra SAI Saburi

Anant Kothi Bhramndnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Sai Baba" gift from our didi

Didi got a gold chain and lovely Baba pendant the other day. The pendent was so nice –plated in gold and studded with diamonds (imitation of course) and a lovely picture of Baba in centre. Didi showed it to us saying she will wear this on Diwali. We loved the pendant so much. Yesterday we took out all we had shopped for Diwali as a way of seeing it once more for the last time …before packing it for only opening on the Diwali!

Again came out the pendant. As we were holding it our palms for beholding it- it slipped and fell on ground. Its hook was broken so it could no longer be put in the chain. Didi asked us to keep it. so we got the Baba pendant as a Diwali present from our Didi.

Anant Kothi Bhramndnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Thursday, October 16, 2008

sai sar Quote for the week(16 oct-23oct)

Last week SAI BABA was "kroudh Murkta se shuru hota hai, aur pashshyatap pe samapth hota hai" which means,Anger starts from foolishness and ends on regretness. And we did remember and tried to follow and practice this for the week. Only with BABA's grace.

The sai sar quote of the week is "Namrata se devta bhi manush ke vash me aa jaate hai" which means, with humility even gods come under human control.

This quote fits rightly on our SHRI SHIRDI SAI BABA. SAI is an epitome of humbleness. Nobody Is more humble than our SAI BABA. Because, only he can be humble who has some virtues. Like, the tree laden with fruits is bended, unlike a tree without fruits.

Sai owns all the virtues, be it small or great. HE own, possess and rules all the virtues. All virtues in both human and other gods.

Though Sai is god HIMSELF, but then also HE is the most humble. Baba, you set a very good Example for your devotees, on how to be humble and practice this all through the life.

Humbleness in other words means, enduring all the pain, suffering and calamities which befalls On us. As, Sai baba loves, those whose suffer and endure pain.

BABA,bless us so that we may become humble like you. Only because of your and your grace and Krupa will we be ale to become the like.


Anant Kothi Bhramndnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai


Happy Thursday dear SAI NATH. Have a very nice day Baba. We all need your lovely blessing. Bless us with your blessings. Baba you know, what does this day mean to us. Baba you are the best of all.

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Baba this life is just passing from one Thursday to another. Baba bless us, that each Thursday, May be devoted to you and only you.

Happy Thursday, Happy SAI BABA day and Happy GURUWAAR motiiiii

Baba bless you! With lots of blessing. Always!

Baba a very happy Thursday to you.

Thank you Baba

Anant Kothi Bhramndnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SAI too got a SAI BABA forum ! | SAI- KA

With baba’ grace today I found a very nice SHIRDI SAI BABA forum, dedicated solely and full heatedly

My dear sis deepa found it and gave it to me. And then I thought of becoming
A member of that “SAI FORUM”. I posted 4 posts with Baba’s grace.

If you are little or even very much interested in our “SHRI SHIRDI SAI BABA” then, you must surely check Out the forum.
forum is very nice, friendly and above all dedicated to our “SAI BABA”.

With Baba’s grace and krupa we both will be able to post good and useful posts on the forum. And become contributing members in forum.

Anant Kothi Bhramndnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai!!

Baba saves us

Baba you are very kind. You are an ocean of mercy and kindness. Not one, but countless oceans of mercy.Ever shower your mercy like this on us, Baba. You always prove your sayings true. You really take all the calamities, which is about to fall on us, on yourself and thus save us.

See, like yesterday, you as always, took all our calamities on yourself and saved us. Baba ever protect like this.

Guide us, protect us, save us and make us like yourself Baba. Baba you are the best of all.

“Tu apne upar leleta, jivo pea aye duhk tamam”


“Bismillah Ir Rahman Ir Rahim”

Anant Kothi Bhramndnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Monday, October 13, 2008

even Baba's pictures responds (our collections of SAI NATH pics)

Who and what saves you from Boredom?

As for any and everything there’s a solution. Boredom too has got 2 main solutions. First, being WORK. WORK (some useful or productive) saves boredom. As, a busy man lacks times for himself so, forget about him getting bored. “Nobody ever heard or saw Albert Einsteinz saying he’s getting BORED”.

You may ask WHY?. And the simplest of the reason being him being busy all the time. Such people,Try to find and seek interesting facts in every big or little task or even in day to day activity they Under take. This is only an example. Search for one such incident and you are bound to get thousands.

So, that’s the whole trick. Really, Work is one such thing that can save anybody from boredom.

Work saves from the 3 types of devils 1. Boredom 2. Vice 3. Need

So, whenever I or my dear sis have the feeling of “boring”. We try hard really very hard to do something. We make a thorough search of what can be done. And when finally get down to do it, with all the

Paraphernalia, and there we get another feeling of being “boring”. But that’s the latter step.
Secondly, and the ultimate rescue plus of Boredom is our dear SAI BABA. Really, He is the one person with whom life’s ever interesting and never boring. Baba has himself.

Told that he saves his devotees from boredom. With Baba life becomes very interesting, only and only because, HE takes all this boredom on himself.Baba makes it a point that the ras of the life is maintained all through the day and of course through life too.

Serving SAI in any or all forms gives solace to the heart and saves greatly from boredom.
Baba saves his devotees from the “Mundane Existence” and sets his devotees free. Free from all types of boredom and vice too.

Work is Worships” sometimes, but “Worship is Work” all time. And for us all the more

So, whenever we get bored, we remember our SAI and are then lost in serving HIM, in one or the other forms. And then there remains not even a tiny little drop of boredom.

This is the best, ultimate and the most effective solution, we’ve ever found. Remembering SAI DEVA any time and at all time, is very beneficial. As in the words of our SHRI SAI BABA, “simple saying of SAI SAI shall take you across the seven seas of mundane existence. Believe in these words, and you will Be certainly benefited. Sitting in this Masjid I speak truth and only the truth

Baba has always and always saved HIS devotees this way and will continue to do so till infinity.


Boredom is one such thing, that I can never escape. It comes so easily and then remains there till I get Bored of boredom. I sometimes really don’t know what the solution to getting bored so easily is.

Life becomes so very tough and difficult this way. Getting bored everything and any thing is very very easy. And not getting bored and endeavoring to maintain that freshness is very tough and hard. All good things or action are very tough and hard to follow, though they are the simplest thing in life. And doing or thinking bad actions are very easy. As always, it’s very easy to break as to mend anything.

This entire problem arises, when you start to realize what boredom is or that you are getting bored. If you are unaware of this fact, then you are likely less to get bored.

No sooner is there something new or happening in life than I get the feeling of boredom. Reasoning and Classifying boredom is not an easy task, especially for individuals like you and me.

There are very, I mean to say very little thing or solutions that can or may save you from boredom.

Now take for example, even BLOGGING too sometimes gets boring. First you need to arrange for All the thoughts, then you need to type down all your feeling and emotions; I don’t like much to Write down all my feelings and emotions on a sheet of lines, so forget about typing.

But, in the end as always, I come to conclusion that both the problem and the solution lies
In the self and that only the self can help in this matter.

So, see even talking or thinking about “Bore” or the word “boredom” is so boring and often useless.

Baba accepts offerings

Baba thank you so much for accepting the offer on your MAHASAMDHI DAY. Baba you are the best of all. Please make us offer you more and more offerings, and then please accept the offering. Baba you are the sole actor or doer. Grant us wisdom, knowledge and self realization.

Like your every bhakta, we too want to serve you in this way and of course in all the other NINE type of Bhakti. Bless us dear BABA so that we can serve you always and always, with full devotion and love.

That be sole purpose of our life and for the births to come.

Anant Kothi Bhramndnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Friday, October 10, 2008

sai sar Quote for the week

Every week we take one quote or sayings of our Sai Baba. However, we started this only 2-3 weeks ago. The quote For the week is “kroudh Murkta se shuru hota hai, aur pashshyatap pe samapth hota hai”. We make it point to remember or revise this quote at least thrice a day.

We try to bear this quote, all through the day. This quote is very close to our heart. And also Very inspiring, motivational and influential. As, I become quite short tempered many a time. And knowing or otherwise, behave badly or impatiently.

And then, I sat sad and dejected, and think the ways to improve myself. It seems, as though The quote literally stands truth. Remembering and trying to follow the quote really helps a lot.

All the quotes and saying are by Sai Baba himself. As, only his and his sayings are never false. They are the most useful of all sayings. Baba, alone speaks the truth.

As in the words of one of a great devotee of Sai Baba, Alpeshji "On getting in negative and disturbing moods we can remember Sai with more intensity and ask him to free us form the same with Shraddha(Faith) and Saburi (patience), He is there to free us!"

"So rather than giving a solution to Sai Baba, why not say Baba i am troubled with a problem, i surrender the problem to you, i surrender the petty self to you and you fill it with Your Divine love, Your Divine protection, Your Divine devotion, and Your Divine Shakti (energy). "

Anant Kothi Bhramndnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


All sai bhaktas must be and are excited, happy and enthusiastic and anticipating for the “dusshara”. This is the “mahasamdhi” day of dear baba. Baba pulled us like sparrows, only one and half year back. Before that, “dusshara” was just like any (boring) other festival. But now, the meaning of dusshara has completely changed, and that too For better. Today, it is one of the main and most loved and precious festival for us, and of course for all sai devotees, across the seven seas.

Dusshara is a very special fest. It’s not just like any other fest. Its meaning and definitions, is far beyond our understanding. Baba, gave us a very great, good and valuable lesson. He wanted his devotees to feel, know and understand that HE is with them, even though if HE has left his mortal coil.

Baba was ever omniscient and omnipotent, but after HIS “mahasamadhi”, BABA became all the more Omniscient and omnipotent. BABA, didn’t stepped out of the holy place “SHIRDI” all His lifetime.

Baba and HIS powers were restrained to limitations of human body. But, now baba is free. Free from the chain of human body. Today, baba is everywhere. HE fills All the spaces.

Baba incarnated the human form for the sake of HIS devotees. And left the mortal coil for the sake Of HIS devotees. Baba wanted and has definitely taught us and all HIS devotees a very good lesson, on how to lead and live successfully and how to serve HIM, even though being engaged in the worldly “jhamela”.

Dusshara is the only holiest festival for us. And only because of HIS Grace and Krupa, we are able to offer a “chadar” on this day in our temple. May baba accept this offering. Baba is the “karta” and “dharta”.

Happy DUSSHARA to all everybody and especially to all SAI devotees.

Bless us baba!

Anant Kothi Bhramndnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dedication: to our sadguru Shri sai baba

This blog is totally and fully dedicated to our lord god sai baba. Though, this blog is not solely On sai baba. But has a special category on our “Shri shirdi sai baba”. And as everything in ourlife whether great or small is dedicated to shirdi sai baba. So is this blog good or bad.

Baba has especially kind and merciful on us and our family. He has been with us from 72 generations and will remain with us forever and ever, inshaallah! Baba has completely different meaning for us. He is our father and our mother, our friend, philosopher and guide. He is an epitome of love, love and more love. Baba you are our life. You know baba what I mean to say baba.

Baba you are our everybody and everything. Today, life has completely different and a very good meaning. Only because of you baba. Please ever be with us like this and with all your bhaktas. Baba thanks so much for being so kind, loving and merciful.

Baba guide us love us and protect us like this for ever and ever. We really need your blessings. It feels so good, so happy and relaxed, looking at your ever boon bestowing hand. You are the Most handsome, most beautiful and all the good and wonderful things in this world.

Thank you so much sai, for coming in our life and making it purposeful and meaningful And above all wonderful. Thank you sai for showering your precious blessings on us. Make me write this blog and of course everything. Only with your grace and krupa will I be able to make blog a success.

Anant Kothi Bhramndnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai