Monday, October 13, 2008


Boredom is one such thing, that I can never escape. It comes so easily and then remains there till I get Bored of boredom. I sometimes really don’t know what the solution to getting bored so easily is.

Life becomes so very tough and difficult this way. Getting bored everything and any thing is very very easy. And not getting bored and endeavoring to maintain that freshness is very tough and hard. All good things or action are very tough and hard to follow, though they are the simplest thing in life. And doing or thinking bad actions are very easy. As always, it’s very easy to break as to mend anything.

This entire problem arises, when you start to realize what boredom is or that you are getting bored. If you are unaware of this fact, then you are likely less to get bored.

No sooner is there something new or happening in life than I get the feeling of boredom. Reasoning and Classifying boredom is not an easy task, especially for individuals like you and me.

There are very, I mean to say very little thing or solutions that can or may save you from boredom.

Now take for example, even BLOGGING too sometimes gets boring. First you need to arrange for All the thoughts, then you need to type down all your feeling and emotions; I don’t like much to Write down all my feelings and emotions on a sheet of lines, so forget about typing.

But, in the end as always, I come to conclusion that both the problem and the solution lies
In the self and that only the self can help in this matter.

So, see even talking or thinking about “Bore” or the word “boredom” is so boring and often useless.

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