Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dedication: to our sadguru Shri sai baba

This blog is totally and fully dedicated to our lord god sai baba. Though, this blog is not solely On sai baba. But has a special category on our “Shri shirdi sai baba”. And as everything in ourlife whether great or small is dedicated to shirdi sai baba. So is this blog good or bad.

Baba has especially kind and merciful on us and our family. He has been with us from 72 generations and will remain with us forever and ever, inshaallah! Baba has completely different meaning for us. He is our father and our mother, our friend, philosopher and guide. He is an epitome of love, love and more love. Baba you are our life. You know baba what I mean to say baba.

Baba you are our everybody and everything. Today, life has completely different and a very good meaning. Only because of you baba. Please ever be with us like this and with all your bhaktas. Baba thanks so much for being so kind, loving and merciful.

Baba guide us love us and protect us like this for ever and ever. We really need your blessings. It feels so good, so happy and relaxed, looking at your ever boon bestowing hand. You are the Most handsome, most beautiful and all the good and wonderful things in this world.

Thank you so much sai, for coming in our life and making it purposeful and meaningful And above all wonderful. Thank you sai for showering your precious blessings on us. Make me write this blog and of course everything. Only with your grace and krupa will I be able to make blog a success.

Anant Kothi Bhramndnayak Rajadhiraj Yogiraj Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai


Alpesh said...

Aum Sai Ram

SadGuru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai !

preeti said...

Wow Alpesh bhaiya ..How on earth did you find our blog?So exciting to get the first comment from YOU!Remember finding your blog as one of the top searches for Baba...and always following it since then.Got such regards for you..

Krishna said...

Baba preached at Shirdi all his life and performed numerous miracles to convince people that God exists. He healed people's diseases, provided moral and material comfort to his Devotees. Baba helped bring Unity and Harmony between all communities. He said that God is one, but called by different names. He said follow your own religion and seek the truth.

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preeti said...

om shri sai nathaya namah:

thanks for your comment krishna

shirdi sai baba bless you always...!

sai om