Friday, October 31, 2008

last to last sai sar quote of the week!...(23-30 oct)

Baba didnt post last to last SAI SAR quote of the week!
it goes "Sampanta mitr badathi hai aur vipdata unki parak karti hai"
It is one of my favorite Quote. its very true. and fits rightly in all ages or generations! friends play very vital role in ones life. there are very rare cases when one really gets the golden opportunity to have a true friends. As most of them turn out to be "fair weather friends!

But, as for us Sai Baba is our one and only BEST FRIEND! HE is with us day and night. HE is the best of all friends. HE would never leave anybody in the middle!
Baba thank you for being our friend, best friend. We are really blessed, lucky and fortunate to be in your company.

its really very nice, xciting and cool to be in your company!
BABA plz ever bless us like this!
we need your blessings every moment!
Baba we very so proud, happy and strong to be your friend!!!
Baba thank you so much for making us your Blessed friends!!!


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