Saturday, November 1, 2008

list of sai sar quotes !

Here's the list of all the sai sar quote of for the weeks!
I will constantly update this post, till all the 20 SAI SAR quotes has been taken, starting from 16 oct.
the list goes on like this...

1) क्रौध मुर्खता से शुरु होता है और पश्चाताप पे ख़तम होता है (16-23 oct) meaning, Anger starts from foolishness, and ends on regret ness

2) सम्पनता मित्रिता बढाती है, और विपदा उनकी परक करती है (23-30 oct) meaning, Prosperity gains friends and adversities tests them

3) एक बार बोले हुए वचन वापस नही आते, अतः सोच कर बोलो (30 oct-6 nov) meaning, words once uttered cant be retrieved,...think before u speak

4) तलवार की चोट इतनी तेज नही होती है, जितनी की जिव्या की(6-13nov) meaning, the wound caused by a sword is not as sharp as that caused by a bitter tongue

these are the SAI SAR quote of the week uptill now!

sai om

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