Monday, October 13, 2008

Who and what saves you from Boredom?

As for any and everything there’s a solution. Boredom too has got 2 main solutions. First, being WORK. WORK (some useful or productive) saves boredom. As, a busy man lacks times for himself so, forget about him getting bored. “Nobody ever heard or saw Albert Einsteinz saying he’s getting BORED”.

You may ask WHY?. And the simplest of the reason being him being busy all the time. Such people,Try to find and seek interesting facts in every big or little task or even in day to day activity they Under take. This is only an example. Search for one such incident and you are bound to get thousands.

So, that’s the whole trick. Really, Work is one such thing that can save anybody from boredom.

Work saves from the 3 types of devils 1. Boredom 2. Vice 3. Need

So, whenever I or my dear sis have the feeling of “boring”. We try hard really very hard to do something. We make a thorough search of what can be done. And when finally get down to do it, with all the

Paraphernalia, and there we get another feeling of being “boring”. But that’s the latter step.
Secondly, and the ultimate rescue plus of Boredom is our dear SAI BABA. Really, He is the one person with whom life’s ever interesting and never boring. Baba has himself.

Told that he saves his devotees from boredom. With Baba life becomes very interesting, only and only because, HE takes all this boredom on himself.Baba makes it a point that the ras of the life is maintained all through the day and of course through life too.

Serving SAI in any or all forms gives solace to the heart and saves greatly from boredom.
Baba saves his devotees from the “Mundane Existence” and sets his devotees free. Free from all types of boredom and vice too.

Work is Worships” sometimes, but “Worship is Work” all time. And for us all the more

So, whenever we get bored, we remember our SAI and are then lost in serving HIM, in one or the other forms. And then there remains not even a tiny little drop of boredom.

This is the best, ultimate and the most effective solution, we’ve ever found. Remembering SAI DEVA any time and at all time, is very beneficial. As in the words of our SHRI SAI BABA, “simple saying of SAI SAI shall take you across the seven seas of mundane existence. Believe in these words, and you will Be certainly benefited. Sitting in this Masjid I speak truth and only the truth

Baba has always and always saved HIS devotees this way and will continue to do so till infinity.

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