Tuesday, November 25, 2008

back after long time...

Sai om

Back here after a long time.
Don’t know why. But sometimes it becomes so very difficult to post even one entry. Just don’t Feel like penning down anything. Even now, I m trying so very hard to write this short little post. didn't feel like posting even weekly posts.
Just don’t know what to write, how to write and…
Life just went thro 2 big cyclones. Only HIS blessings saved me and my sis. I m so very grateful to my Dear Baba.

What an amazing, awesome, great and dreadful weeks.

Baba I just want to thank you and plead you thousand times to please come back…

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Follow me on "SaiAangan"

Follow me on Shirdi Sai Baba Forum...Sai~Ka~Aangan....as saipreet

"...fully dedicated for the spiritual renaissance movement which encompasses a wide range of spiritual activities. Keeping "SHRADHA & SABURI" in mind..."

"Our mission in "SAI-KA-AANGAN" is to provide smooth environment to gather,worship,pray,share views and dilemmas with each other. This adventure is not to compete nor to defeat anybody but as a vision of SHRI SAI to move ahead towards spirituality,dignity and impartial in religion, people or country"

I wish to offer an open Invitation to one and all Shirdi Sai devotees and otherwise also, across the globe to come, join and become a regular devotee (member)of this "Sai-Ka-Aangan" temple!!

Its almost like an Online Shirdi Sai Temple. Keep visiting baba's Temple,as Baba has said "हाज़री देते रहिए, मैं आपकी सब मनोकामना पुरी करूँगा" which means,"Trust in me and your prayers shall be answered"

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Monday, November 10, 2008

sai sar quote...(6-13nov)

Baba dear, very Happy Thursday!!!

This week saisar quote of the week goes as "तलवार की चोट इतनी तेज नही होती है, जितनी की जिव्या की" which means, the wound caused by a sword is not as sharp as that caused by a bitter tongue.

Its a common feeling that you get hurt, when somebody speak rudely to you and vice-verse

One always come across people, who are rude, impolite, consciously or otherwise. they may not say bad thing to you or anybody, but the manner in which they anything, may hurt your feeling. You don't get why are they so rude to you and other,
but researches have shown that hard circumstances have rendered them to behave like this.

As is it said, "what you say is as important as how you say". Thus, every time, I feel or realize I'm being rude, impolite to others, I immediately, try to improve myself, then and there itself.

All this week, I trying all the more hard, to be polite and kind to others while dealing or talking to them. Constant remembrance of this "sai sar" helps me a lot.

What Inspires you?

What is inspiration? What is the definition of your inspiration? How often do you get inspired? What is your one permanent source of inspiration? What is your most common source of inspiration? When inspired, what’s the first thing you like doing? Do you like the company of all time inspired people or not?

These are some of the simplest questions that arise, when I think of the word “inspiration” In this hectic and busy schedule, one is not able to take out or rather get enough time to think about such subtle feelings like inspiration.
Try finding and seeking answers to your such subtle feelings.

I’ve always felt that artists, no matter what field they may be in, seems more inspired, than a common man. And today this is becoming somewhat like a fact.
Professionals, actors, sportsperson, painters many more, always seems being inspired no matter if their life is going topsy-turvy.

One may get to see or hear stories, from ones favorite actor, saying, "Dash dash has always Inspired me and so today, I’m too in this field and conquered it already”

Earlier children grew up seeing qualities like discipline, punctuality, hard work, honesty, humility etc.But today, such fine qualities seem to disappearing into the thin air.

Nonetheless,if one wish to be inspired, one is, no matter what.
Then,no barrier is too big for him. As, if you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.
--William Arthur Ward

Baba, you are my Inspiration

Today, everything in my life has changed. But what has most changed is my perspective. Today, I see everything in Baba's light. The past present and future, all the three phases.

Today, Baba and Baba alone is everything for me. It doesn't matter much if all
that's happening is good or bad, right or wrong … what matters is that, everything
that's happening, may be Baba's will.

In today's date Baba is my sole inspiration and hope the feeling be there forever and ever!Baba you inspire me to do or think anything be great or small. To lead life in a more simple way.

Baba is the best inspiration, for anybody. Serving Baba in any or all forms gives fullest satisfaction to all the senses; and this satisfaction can't be easily achieved, by doing any other types of (social) services. And this is my self tested opinion with at least 10-15 years experience.

Baba you are my inspiration, to live, to die and to serve this world. Baba with your thoughts flowing thro' my veins, I feel blessed and satisfied to my heart's content.
May you ever inspire me like this!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Inspires me ?

What is the source of your inspiration?
As for me, any and everything can be and is inspirational.
I try to take inspi from almost anything. No matter how big or small anything be,
You never know when, where what might inspire me!

But, nature is the first and foremost my source of inspiration.
From a little blooming bud to huge trees, their greenry , from mountains to rivers to seas, to birds, insects and animals And of course humans too to sunrise and sets, to moon, to weather,all, all has been inspiring me greatly, from childhood itself !

There’s no such thing in Nature, that doesn’t inspire me.

So, what does it actually inspire me to do? Like anybody else, nature inspire me
To pen down poems or stories, draw pictures, and above all, they just inspire me. It has always persuaded and convinced me to think. Think anything beautiful!

Nature has long been old friend. Whenever I felt alone or lonely at school or otherwise too,Nature has always accompanied me. It has provided me with enough strength and support in one way.

In short, I have talked saw, touched, heard and played with nature, and hope to be enjoying like This for the time to come!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Everyday IS a New Day !

Right from school life, we were made to cultivate the simple and lovely philosophy of taking everyday as a “present” .Those were the days when Baba was not in our consciousness.
When around 2 years back we did come in the fold of our Sai, Thursdays assumed greater importance as regards all other day.
As such is not uncommon for Baba devotees to celebrate “Guruwaar” as the “day of Baba”. In hindi the word is synthesis of the two words Guru + Waar. Where Guru refers to the spiritual master and "waar" meaning day. Baba is regarded as the supreme incarnation of the Lord Dattatreya.
Himself Sainath is Sacchidanand Sadguru ie Truest Master who is Pure knowledge and Bliss incarnate.
By celebrating Thursdays we would mean to mark that day as special –especially dedicated to worship/devotion of Baba.

Thus we now live, as we say fondly, from each Thursday to another.
Only when you know Sai the whole world assumes the form of Sai.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

list of sai sar quotes !

Here's the list of all the sai sar quote of for the weeks!
I will constantly update this post, till all the 20 SAI SAR quotes has been taken, starting from 16 oct.
the list goes on like this...

1) क्रौध मुर्खता से शुरु होता है और पश्चाताप पे ख़तम होता है (16-23 oct) meaning, Anger starts from foolishness, and ends on regret ness

2) सम्पनता मित्रिता बढाती है, और विपदा उनकी परक करती है (23-30 oct) meaning, Prosperity gains friends and adversities tests them

3) एक बार बोले हुए वचन वापस नही आते, अतः सोच कर बोलो (30 oct-6 nov) meaning, words once uttered cant be retrieved,...think before u speak

4) तलवार की चोट इतनी तेज नही होती है, जितनी की जिव्या की(6-13nov) meaning, the wound caused by a sword is not as sharp as that caused by a bitter tongue

these are the SAI SAR quote of the week uptill now!

sai om

happy all SAInts day!

baba a very happy all SAInts day!!
from deepa and me
Baba have a very wonderful day!

Baba enoy your day to the fullest!
om sai