Monday, November 10, 2008

Baba, you are my Inspiration

Today, everything in my life has changed. But what has most changed is my perspective. Today, I see everything in Baba's light. The past present and future, all the three phases.

Today, Baba and Baba alone is everything for me. It doesn't matter much if all
that's happening is good or bad, right or wrong … what matters is that, everything
that's happening, may be Baba's will.

In today's date Baba is my sole inspiration and hope the feeling be there forever and ever!Baba you inspire me to do or think anything be great or small. To lead life in a more simple way.

Baba is the best inspiration, for anybody. Serving Baba in any or all forms gives fullest satisfaction to all the senses; and this satisfaction can't be easily achieved, by doing any other types of (social) services. And this is my self tested opinion with at least 10-15 years experience.

Baba you are my inspiration, to live, to die and to serve this world. Baba with your thoughts flowing thro' my veins, I feel blessed and satisfied to my heart's content.
May you ever inspire me like this!

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