Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Everyday IS a New Day !

Right from school life, we were made to cultivate the simple and lovely philosophy of taking everyday as a “present” .Those were the days when Baba was not in our consciousness.
When around 2 years back we did come in the fold of our Sai, Thursdays assumed greater importance as regards all other day.
As such is not uncommon for Baba devotees to celebrate “Guruwaar” as the “day of Baba”. In hindi the word is synthesis of the two words Guru + Waar. Where Guru refers to the spiritual master and "waar" meaning day. Baba is regarded as the supreme incarnation of the Lord Dattatreya.
Himself Sainath is Sacchidanand Sadguru ie Truest Master who is Pure knowledge and Bliss incarnate.
By celebrating Thursdays we would mean to mark that day as special –especially dedicated to worship/devotion of Baba.

Thus we now live, as we say fondly, from each Thursday to another.
Only when you know Sai the whole world assumes the form of Sai.

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