Monday, November 10, 2008

sai sar quote...(6-13nov)

Baba dear, very Happy Thursday!!!

This week saisar quote of the week goes as "तलवार की चोट इतनी तेज नही होती है, जितनी की जिव्या की" which means, the wound caused by a sword is not as sharp as that caused by a bitter tongue.

Its a common feeling that you get hurt, when somebody speak rudely to you and vice-verse

One always come across people, who are rude, impolite, consciously or otherwise. they may not say bad thing to you or anybody, but the manner in which they anything, may hurt your feeling. You don't get why are they so rude to you and other,
but researches have shown that hard circumstances have rendered them to behave like this.

As is it said, "what you say is as important as how you say". Thus, every time, I feel or realize I'm being rude, impolite to others, I immediately, try to improve myself, then and there itself.

All this week, I trying all the more hard, to be polite and kind to others while dealing or talking to them. Constant remembrance of this "sai sar" helps me a lot.

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