Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Inspires me ?

What is the source of your inspiration?
As for me, any and everything can be and is inspirational.
I try to take inspi from almost anything. No matter how big or small anything be,
You never know when, where what might inspire me!

But, nature is the first and foremost my source of inspiration.
From a little blooming bud to huge trees, their greenry , from mountains to rivers to seas, to birds, insects and animals And of course humans too to sunrise and sets, to moon, to weather,all, all has been inspiring me greatly, from childhood itself !

There’s no such thing in Nature, that doesn’t inspire me.

So, what does it actually inspire me to do? Like anybody else, nature inspire me
To pen down poems or stories, draw pictures, and above all, they just inspire me. It has always persuaded and convinced me to think. Think anything beautiful!

Nature has long been old friend. Whenever I felt alone or lonely at school or otherwise too,Nature has always accompanied me. It has provided me with enough strength and support in one way.

In short, I have talked saw, touched, heard and played with nature, and hope to be enjoying like This for the time to come!

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