Monday, November 10, 2008

What Inspires you?

What is inspiration? What is the definition of your inspiration? How often do you get inspired? What is your one permanent source of inspiration? What is your most common source of inspiration? When inspired, what’s the first thing you like doing? Do you like the company of all time inspired people or not?

These are some of the simplest questions that arise, when I think of the word “inspiration” In this hectic and busy schedule, one is not able to take out or rather get enough time to think about such subtle feelings like inspiration.
Try finding and seeking answers to your such subtle feelings.

I’ve always felt that artists, no matter what field they may be in, seems more inspired, than a common man. And today this is becoming somewhat like a fact.
Professionals, actors, sportsperson, painters many more, always seems being inspired no matter if their life is going topsy-turvy.

One may get to see or hear stories, from ones favorite actor, saying, "Dash dash has always Inspired me and so today, I’m too in this field and conquered it already”

Earlier children grew up seeing qualities like discipline, punctuality, hard work, honesty, humility etc.But today, such fine qualities seem to disappearing into the thin air.

Nonetheless,if one wish to be inspired, one is, no matter what.
Then,no barrier is too big for him. As, if you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.
--William Arthur Ward

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