Saturday, December 6, 2008

About the Blog

What started as a blog on daily musings is turning out to be a blog dedicated solely to our Lord Sai. It is all baba’s grace and krupa that we are able to be a part of the Sai Conscience.
Baba only you and we know how lost were we without baba. You have always been there-and today you have made us realize your existence in our lives. It is all Your mercy and our store of merit of past births that we have come in Your fold Baba.
Baba now that you have taken us in your shelter, may we never lose sight of your form and feet. Baba do always be so kind and favour us baba.
You know baba –how can your devotees ever thank you-may this Shraddha and Saburi in your devotion increase with every passing moment baba.We dedicate at your feet our body , mind, speech and soul. May our debt on you always increase Sai…bless your daughters baba.
This “Myspace’ has become “Sai Space” baba.

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