Tuesday, December 30, 2008


1) First and foremost because, in the: words of Hemadpant the author of Shri Sai Satcharita, He has taken a vow to give you what you want.

2) And that too immediately "cash down". You ask with sincere devotion (shradhha) and patience (Saburi) and there is the result.

3) He is so easily pleased. No hard penance, no unbearable fasts, not even difficult concentration and control of senses. In his own words, "You look to ME and I look to you". Can there be anything simpler than this?

4) He has left His mortal body 86 years ago and even today thousands of devotees have experienced His presence, halving met their demands. What more guarantee is required?

5) Not being bodily present as a human being today, there is no danger of being cheated in His worship. In case of so many Avatars, Bhagwans and Yogi's cropped up at present in the country; one is not sure if one is following the real preceptor (Sadguru).

6. No money is required to worship Baba. He is pleased even with flowers, fruits, leaves or even water devotionally offered. You do not have to spend for -traveling unto Shirdi also, He is available even from where you are-'even beyond seven seas'.

7) Ashes (Udi) from the fire burning eternally in His Dwarkamai is the cheapest and most infallible medicine of all diseases. The cost is only two paisa-faith and patience.

8) His life-history written by Hemadpant contains all the wisdom of Vedas, Upanishads and Geeta in the form of simple stories and anecdotes. Reading them alone and following the advice therein, one can reach the goal of liberation without fail.

9) Repetition of His name SAI so short, so sweet and so easy to pronounce No twisting of tongue and no difficult accents.

10) Last but not the least, He, on fulfilling your demands in this world, ensures that you do not get caught in the dangerous network of this 'Sansar’. Slowly He moulds you, guides you and takes you step by step to liberation (Moksha) which is the key to eternal and everlasting bliss.

"Bow to Shri Sai and Peace Be to all"

Lt. Col. M. B. Nimbalkar
PUNE-411 001

From http://saileelas.org/articles/nimbalkar/ten.htm

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