Monday, January 12, 2009

Shirdi Sai Temples in Jabalpur

This is one of the oldest Sai mandirs in Jabalpur, populary known as "Gate no 4, Snehnagar wale baba"

Its built quite on Shirdi Theme Samadhi Mandir with Babaji sitting on a high platform, about 4 feet, with a smaller baba statue on to the right and a statue of a (local) devotee.

The special thing about the main baba statue is that devotees that baba wears dhoti here!Thats right.

The story behind is that once baba appeared in the dream of the then(sometime in the past) priest and asked him "Won't you make me a dhoti?"

The amazing fact is that baba's left leg is not stuck to the 'aasan' he's sitting on, so the dhoti can be actually passed through the leg, as is required.
Isn't this lovely devotees?!


sai gauri said...

Wonderful story :)
Keep up thje good work...
May baba bless us all always !

Jai Sainath !

Anonymous said...
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preeti said...

om shri sai nathaya namah:

Thanks for your comment sai gauri!
shirdi sai baba bless you always

Sai om