Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SHOPPING TIME!! | COOL Self tried and tested Shopping tips! |

Some Self tried n tested Shopping tips!

When you are going clothes shopping:
♥Wear clothes which you can easily un/change like jeans and t-shirts.
♥Wear shoes which you can easily take off and preferably with some heal.
♥Tie your hair nicely. Dont keep them lose as it gets dirty and untidy.
♥Carry your own big empty spare handbags/jholas.
♥Dont tell your 'budget' in advance-Request them to show the only 'Best Items'
♥Dont go only for branded stuff-See what fits Best. Get 'china maal' also.It will definitely fit!!
♥Haggle politely but adamantly even in 'fix rate' shops.They really give you discounts!.
♥Dont shop on empty stomach neither on too full belly;since fitting can alter slightly
♥Shop as much possible only in day light.(even if you're not color blind!!)
♥Choose a right partner for shopping or else go alone.
♥Go shopping only when your are in a pleasant mood.
♥Last but not the least....Always get lil surprise gifts for your loved ones, when you are buying a full wardrobe for yourself.
They wont mind your wardrobe then!

Hope you find my tips helpful!

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