Saturday, November 26, 2011

So much in Common. How Come??

How come all those great men out there..all over the world like those evangelists/entrepreneurs**....have so much in common...THEY'VE.....mostly

  • seen tough times, 
  • starved (sometimes),
  • been in financial crisis
  • decades+ years of experiences 
  • enterprising nature + right attitude
  • a cool baritone
  • a cute/loving family
  • and have worked for big Companies OR worked for companies which became BIG.
  • a good syllabled name ( or maybe their names sound cool as they are successful )
  • and are self-motivated, happy, humble, down to earth, empathetic,
  • never stop learning, innovating
  • can be googled for more info 
  • 500+ Connections on Linkedin
  • And have a Wikipedia entry.

** (Some of the marketing evangelists/entrepreneurs names which comes to my mind right now are - Bill gates, Chris Brogan, Lewis H, Guy K, Robert, Mark Z., Larry Page, Lt. Steve J. Om Malik.... and many more)

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